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i want you to know you're not alone.

Lauren Presutti, MEd, EdS, LLMSW

Founder of River Oaks Psychology


Welcome!  I'm Lauren. I created River Oaks Psychology because I wanted to create a space where people feel like they belong. There is a lot of loneliness in the world and we often don’t have safe spaces to truly confront our internal experiences without judgment. I hope you can find that safety with us. We want you to feel wholeheartedly accepted and valued in your relationship with us.


Life is hard. I understand that. Problems can be complicated and every person has struggled at one point or another. We all have felt overwhelmed, misunderstood, or trapped in something with no escape. Life can be difficult for many people and acutely so for those who have been exposed to particularly challenging experiences. I am inspired by the courage people demonstrate when making the decision to enter therapy and I seek to provide an intimate environment where individuals can understand themselves and their emotions, while affirming their worth and strength.


My own challenges have stemmed from being born with Muscular Dystrophy and using a wheelchair my whole life. I have adapted my body and circumstances in such profound ways that flexible thinking, coping, and resourcefulness have become second nature to me. This has taught me that authentically confronting our experiences of suffering and pain allows us to grow stronger in areas of resiliency and empowerment. As a therapist, I use these skills to help others examine their stories and find their place in the world. I support dialogue surrounding acceptance and empowerment, but at my core I appreciate the difficulties of managing emotional pain and seek to honor wherever you may be in your journey.


Your barriers to living your best life – no matter their size or nature – matter greatly to me. My role as a therapist is to accompany, support, and guide you through what is often a transformative journey leading to positive and lasting change. Despite the roadblocks we face or mental health struggles we have, I believe every person deserves to live their best life.

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