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PIONEER. + disabled.


Lauren Presutti

Lauren Presutti is a psychotherapist who holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Central Michigan University and two graduate degrees in education as well as a master’s degree in social work from Grand Valley State University. She has worked extensively with teens and adults in educational settings, public agencies, and nonprofits.

Born with muscular dystrophy and using a wheelchair, Lauren has adapted her body to meet circumstances through flexible thinking, coping strategies, and personal resourcefulness.  Highly person-centered, Lauren focuses on a team-oriented therapeutic approach honoring the deepest emotional experiences while guiding your healing process in a safe, intimate environment.  

Lauren works with all genders and backgrounds. She is especially passionate about working with teens and young adults with stress, anxiety, or depression, college students, perfectionists, people-pleasers, high-achievers, families affected by disabilities or medical conditions, those with minority identities facing stereotypes or systemic oppression (including members of the LGBTQIA+ community), and individuals concerned with confidence, self-esteem, attachment, boundaries, unmet emotional needs, vulnerability, acceptance, empowerment, or life transitions. 

Virtual Speaking:

Lauren provides psychoeducation to organizations, businesses, nonprofits, schools, boards, and other groups through virtual webinars that address a wide variety of subject areas. Lauren works closely with groups to identify speaking agendas that specifically meet the needs of the given audience. Topics may focus on stress management, coping skills, psychological resiliency, personal growth, healthy relationships, trauma, boundaries, managing anxiety and depression, shame, identity, empowerment, goal-setting, grief, vulnerability, self-esteem, and related subjects.


Given Lauren's unique expertise on the intersection of mental health and disability, she also provides tailored presentations to audiences seeking content relating to the psychology of disability, chronic illness, or medical conditions. Lauren has pioneered a truly extraordinary life from the depths of her own adversity and passionately speaks on social inclusion, ableism, stereotypes, disability strengths, self-advocacy, accessibility, accepting limitations, and overcoming barriers.

Support Groups:


For many people, a support group may fill a gap between medical treatment and the need for belonging in one’s community. Lauren partners with organizations to facilitate support groups via virtual platforms. Many of the same virtual speaking subjects listed above – including general mental health subjects such as managing anxiety, depression, healthy relationships, and coping skills, along with specific subjects tailored for those affected by disabilities – are embedded into Lauren's support groups as she teaches participants how to enhance their mental health and wellness. These groups provide opportunities for people to share personal experiences, emotional reactions, and stories of empowerment. As a psychotherapist, social worker, and individual living with Muscular Dystrophy, Lauren blends her unique perspective into group dynamics but ultimately strives to uplift the voices of each group member.