Kaitlyn Zhao

Intern | University of Michigan

Kaitlyn is currently a student at the University of Michigan majoring in Psychology. She participates in several mental health student organizations on campus and serves as a mentor for a high school in Detroit. She also aspires to become more involved with research opportunities and internships to gain more professional experiences in the field. After her undergraduate years, Kaitlyn plans to apply for a PsyD as her long-term goal is to do clinical work in her career. Mental health has been a passion of hers that stems from her home country. Being raised in China, Kaitlyn has witnessed the ongoing stigma surrounding mental illnesses and the problem of underdiagnosing many people who could benefit from treatment. At the age of 14, Kaitlyn moved to Memphis, TN to pursue an education. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, watching movies, and listening to music. Kaitlyn also loves traveling, going to concerts, and exploring new restaurants.

Maddy Paxson

Intern | University of Michigan

Maddy is currently a junior at the University of Michigan studying Psychology with minors in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences and Media Production. She is from the vibrant and resilient Saginaw, MI. Following graduation, Maddy plans to pursue a graduate degree in counseling or clinical psychology. Her favorite thing is sharing knowledge that makes peoples' lives better. Maddy feels lucky to be able to do this every day through all sorts of mediums: research, making art, teaching, podcasting, and theatre. In her free time, she likes to do anything creative, go on long walks, and eat fancy cheeses. 

Nandita Gupta

Intern | University of Michigan

Originally from Troy, Michigan, Nandita is currently a junior studying Biopsychology Cognition Neuroscience at the University of Michigan. After graduation, she hopes to pursue  a career in the healthcare field and she is interested in mental health and health disparities. In her free time, Nandita enjoys going on walks and painting.

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