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Lauren Presutti

Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at age two, Lauren has been using a power wheelchair since she was five years old. Her firsthand experiences revealed that traditional mental health professionals rarely have a lifetime of knowledge and experience to work effectively and truly connect deeply with those affected by medical conditions, chronic illnesses, and disabilities. Lauren's training and knowledge of empowerment, inclusion, resiliency, mental health, ableism, disability, and related topics have motivated her to become a global change agent. 

Virtual Speaking:

Lauren provides education to organizations, businesses, nonprofits, schools, boards, and other groups through virtual webinars that address wide ranges in disability knowledge bases. Topics may focus on mental health, personal growth, shame, identity, empowerment, goal-setting, and related subjects for audiences affected by disabilities, health conditions, or chronic illnesses. Presentations prepared for the general population may include issues of disability and chronic health awareness, inclusion, accessibility, ableism, and related subjects. Lauren works closely with groups to identify speaking agendas that specifically meet the needs of the given audience. 

Beyond educational presentations, Lauren aims to revolutionize the way we see disability and chronic illness through her inspired keynote speaking. She passionately speaks on health psychology, inclusion, diversity, social entrepreneurship, and related subjects by sharing her own remarkable journey with Muscular Dystrophy and presenting ideas that elicit pause, emotion, and transformative thought. Lauren has pioneered a truly extraordinary life from the depths of adversity. Her style of teaching often challenges individuals to reexamine their biases and engage further on information presented. Concepts focus on disability or chronic health narratives but lessons learned are often transferable across all diversity contexts.

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