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Home Sweet

Life is busy.

You might live far away.

Maybe you just like being home.


There are many reasons why some prefer or need to meet with a therapist online. If you have a phone, tablet, or computer of any kind, you can talk to us. 

Save time and money

No driving. No traffic. No hassle.

Convenient and comfortable

Get cozy in your home, office, or favorite spot.

Make it personal 

Do therapy with your pet, blanket, snack, or pajamas.

safe and Secure

Private. HIPAA-compliant. Confidential.

never wait in an uncomfortable waiting room again

Ditch the therapist couch.

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Our Mission:

River Oaks Psychology provides a wide variety of online psychotherapy services for kids, teens, adults, families, and couples anywhere in Michigan through a convenient, HIPAA-secure, telehealth platform. We help people examine their unique stories, promoting stronger psychological health, self-knowledge, and growth – empowering people to engage with their lives in ways they find most fulfilling. 

Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield or private pay

(248) 717-1232

FAX #: 248-717-0150

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"I built this practice because I don't want ANYONE to ever feel alone. There is often no more profound experience than being heard, understood, and accepted. Here, being your whole authentic self is celebrated and honored."

- Lauren Presutti, Founder

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We provide a range of services to meet your needs in a way that feels authentic to you.






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You want to feel safe.

We want you to feel safe.

There is a lot of loneliness in our world and it can be daunting to ask for help. We work to provide an environment of safety and support in which individuals can share their deepest internal experiences without judgment.


Education Provided

We provide education and training on subjects relating to mental health and wellness. Check back frequently as new events are added here! River Oaks Psychology welcomes requests for upcoming events and we encourage you to email us with what you would like to see next. We want to provide YOU with the information and tools to be well.

there is often no more profound experience than being heard, understood, and accepted.


We are Community Driven

We exist to serve our Michigan community. At River Oaks Psychology, we care about supporting people beyond the time we spend together in session. We foster community partnerships to provide individuals the best care possible in all areas of their lives. Listening to the needs of our community and responding to those needs allows us to grow and develop in responsible ways. 


Do you have feedback on how we can better serve our community? 


What People Are Saying

“Lauren Presutti is extraordinary. She is the warmest, most compassionate, and most hardworking person you'll ever meet. She continually radiates positive energy and sincere appreciation for helping others work through life challenges. Lauren goes above and beyond for her clients and puts her heart into every ounce of her work." – Kelly M.

“Lauren Presutti is an exceptional therapist because of her commitment to continued learning and development, her passion for others, and her natural empathy, sincerity, and ability to make others feel safe in her presence. Anyone who meets Lauren will forever be impacted by her. She will honor your story and make you feel like you are a gift to the world, no matter whatever struggles you face." – Julie D.

“Lauren Presutti has overcome significant adversity in her life, and in so doing she has become an inspirational example of the potential that resides in every human being regardless of challenging circumstances. She inspires others with her positive outlook on life, her exceptionalities, and her determination to make the world a better place. Lauren is a true inspiration to all who know her." – Rick G.

“Lauren is seriously the best! She is the kindest person and so brilliant. I was so nervous for counseling after some bad experiences with therapy in the past, but Lauren was the easiest person to talk to and she changed my life. I will always recommend her to anyone." – Kyle A.

“I love Lauren, the nicest person you will ever meet, she helped me with everything and getting my life back. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for all of my life and it is always hard to accept my struggles but Lauren made it so I could breathe again. I have never experienced the same amount of support and compassion with any other mental health counselor. Lauren is the best." – Jackie O.

“Lauren is an amazing, talented, and inspiring woman. The way she shares her counseling techniques for individuals is amazing. She has this incredible ability to detect when her client needs a push in the right direction. She is able to follow that up with many clever ways of getting her clients to dig deeper. Lauren helps her clients make the changes that they need in their lives to make them a better them." – Joy J.

“I have known and worked closely with Lauren Presutti for almost 3 years. I can confidently say she is the most caring, passionate, and dependable person I know... she inspires me to live better and she helps me work through stress in ways I never have before. I don't know what I would do without her." – Allison K.

“Lauren Presutti saved my life. I was so unhappy but didn't know how to begin getting through stuff and I felt like nothing would change. She was so patient with me and made me feel like what I was experiencing really mattered. Lauren is an amazing therapist who does way more than anyone else." – Caleb T.

"Lauren is the most caring, understanding, helpful person I have ever met! She truly has a grasp for what it feels like to cope with hardship and loss. I highly recommend her, especially during these hard, stressful times." – Angeline L.

"Lauren Presutti is the most amazing person that I have ever come to know. She provides such positive and encouraging feedback and makes you feel nothing but comfortable when talking with her. I highly recommend reaching out and speaking with her. She’s the best!" – Cayman D.